The Team


Owner / Director of Timeless // Pedro

A graduate of the University of Hertfordshire, City of Westminster College, and City of Islington College, Pedro is Timeless its a Lifestyle’s founder. Before creating his own music hub, Pedro held positions at high profile companies including BBC Worldwide, Universal Music, and Sony/ATV EMI Music Publishing.

Launched in 2016, Timeless seeks to discover and promote artists that release ‘Timeless’ music so as to preserve their legacy through time. A ‘New Age’ label where musical creatives have more ownership over their content and assets, Timeless showcases international talent through a dedicated website combining music with culture.

A&R // Daniel

A recent graduate from University College London, Daniel is passionate about music, fashion, and photography, and is excited to search for new artists in the entertainment scene in London.  He is particularly interested in working with up and coming R&B, Hip Hop, Alté, Soul, and Alternative artists. 


Producer, Studio Engineer & Re-Mixer // Adrian

London based, self taught producer and budding sound engineer on the path to perfect mixing and mastering skills. Knowledgeable in rap, underground, dance and metal scenes, with a passion for all things musical – equally so in English and Spanish speaking countries.


Photographer // Josie

Josie is a Berkshire based content producer with a range of experience within the gaming and e-sports industry. Now expanding into music and entertainment to continue her passion for photography and capturing those key moments.




A&R // Luke

Luke, a live audio and studio producer and has been studying in music for last 7 year and studied for 4 years at access creative college in Manchester. He is in he’s final year of University and will be graduating next year in live audio and studio production. He is hoping to break out into the Japanese market for music as well as the English market for music to really make an impact in both countries. Luke is able to bring expert A&R experience to artists and bands.


A&R and Business Admin // Iesha

Music lover Iesha was studying the Vocal artist Level 3 Course at access Creative College, London. Having a strong interest in A&R, She has battled through storms to achieve her career goal as working within the music field. 
‘I am grateful to be given the opportunity at Timeless, where I will gain more insight and knowledge within working as an A&R’ – Iesha

Photographer // Shannon

Shannon is a music photographer based in London. Equally having a passion for music and photography, she combines the two which leads to captivating shots filled with her vision of creating storytelling photographs that radiate passion and intimacy between the artist and the audience. Currently she’s expanding her portfolio and website in order to get her name across within the music and entertainment industry.
S.E.O. Developer // Donell
Donell was born in north London and moved all over the country and returned back to London 7 years ago where he is now based. Donell has always loved music including all types of  rap, hip hop, R&B, House  and DNB. He has had music lessons in music production and rapping he has spent hours with he’s friends in studio writing lyrics and creating beats.

A&R and Business Admin // Maria

Maria is a Colombian student at the University of Westminster, pursuing music business. Is inspired by the heritage of diverse music genres and driven to help artists with their music careers and goals. Currently studying to support and expand her knowledge to assist artists.
A&R and Business Admin // Angus
Having moved to London to pursue a career in music, Angus is an aspiring artist. He has a keen interest in Rap and R&B, and is desperate to be able to have a job in music.
A&R and Business Admin // Adrian
East London raised, Adrian has always had love for R&B, UK Afrobeats and Hip-Hop. From being an Artist and networking with record labels like Blackbutter records and island. In 2020, creating a small social media marketing agency to help build a bigger audience for London’s unsigned urban artists. He now wishes to use his skills learnt over the past couple years to help and drive artists to reach their full potential. 
Having moved to London to pursue a career in music, Adrian is an aspiring artist. He has a keen interest in Rap and R&B, and is desperate to be able to have a job in music.

A&R and Business Admin // Yasmine

Born in Milan, and coming from an artistic family Yasmine holds a passion for music, art, and photography. She aspires to be a successful digital marketer and wants to bring people’s social footprints to life, whether that’s through teamwork or individual work. ( i want my bio to be something along these lines, I’m open to suggestions.)